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7th-12th grade ministry

     THANK YOU for stopping by The TRIBE's page!  The Tribe is the name that our youth group (7th-12th grade) uses to identify ourselves.  As a Tribe, we've established some core concepts that are important to us as a group and we try to focus our ministry around them.  Some of them include--being welcoming to others, being Christ-like, having a family atmosphere within our youth group, serving others (Including in our church and in our community and schools), and having each other's backs!  These are just a few of the things we established as a youth group that we value! We'd love for you to stop in and visit us so we can share them with YOU!


The TRIBE Ministry provides a place for students to begin a relationship with Jesus, through which they will discover everything God made them to be. Our students learn to live the best kind of life by caring about the things God cares about - justice, mercy, humility and love.