Half-Time Wednesdays

Halfway through the week you need an extra bit of nourishment for your body and soul. That is what our Wednesday night Half-Time is all about. Every Wednesday during the school year, we gather as a church for family dinner and discipleship classes for all ages.  

Half-time meals

We serve a hot, homemade meal every week beginning at 5:45 pm, followed by various classes and discussion groups for all ages.

The meals are reasonably priced at only $4 per person with a max per family of $14. You are invited to join us at any time!  

Halftime will be on Spring/Summer break starting March 28th and will resume in August. 

wednesday night classes and groups

The Late Winter/Early Spring 2018 session of Halftime community groups begins on Wednesday, January 24. 

All groups meet at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. 

  • THe STory

    Several small groups which meet on Wednesdays will be delving into The Story in a variety of ways.  Click on the picture at left for a listing of classes focusing on The Story. 

  • Introduction to Sign Language

    Whether you have always admired the expression of sign language or have wanted to learn some basic signs for communication, this is a great opportunity for you. Materials and any costs are still being determined. 

  • Small Group Study On Prayer

    Praying together is a privilege and an opportunity to enter into the presence of God in a unique and powerful way. Praying together is a lost art for many Christians today. Author and pastor James Banks makes the case for praying together as a means of enjoying God’s blessings and pleasing Him. “Amazing things happen when God’s people pray. Our heavenly Father invites us into the wonder of watching Him work. It is what He has promised to do.” This will be a great opportunity to strengthen your prayer life and be in community with others. 

  • Young Mothers' Group

    This group meets in the nursery so moms can be with their children.  This group meets at 5:00 pm

  • Brothers and sisters in christ groups

    Gender-based small groups are available on Wednesday nights for men and women. All groups are open to new participants.

  • praise team and chancel choir

    The worship team that leads worship at our 9:00 service practices at 6:30 pm, and the chancel choir that leads at the 11:00 am service practices at 7:30 pm. If interested in serving in our music ministry please email info@bburgumc.org